Ramadan Tunes at the French Riviera

Le Ramadan au Cote d’Azur. Ready for celebrating this Ramadan summer at the French Riviera? We’ve been listening to these French pop tunes.

  • Chez Keith et Anita – Carla Bruni
  • Le plus beau du Quartier – Carla Bruni
  • Comment te dire adieu – Françoise Hardy
  • Les eaux des Mars – Stacey Kent
  • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo – Stacey Kent
  • J’ai ta main – Caterina Zapponi
  • Morenito (feat. Clémentine) – Stéphane Pompougnac
  • Take Five – Dave Brubeck

The Launch of BORNEO TRESNA Scarves

At last I have connected the dots. In May, I designed and constructed a scarf collection made from silk with the help of Mbak Endang and her amazing ‘team’ of Sragen’s batik craftsmen and women. I chose stamping patterns that illustrated the nobility, hard-working and hope I have seen in ASRI and amongst the people of Sukadana. The colors I have chosen depicted my feelings about ASRI clinic, drg. Hotlin, and my love at first sight with Borneo; they express the colors of love and care and nature.

Then a week before Ramadhan, they arrived at my door step and they were sooo beautiful I almost cried. On Wednesday, June 24th, we launched the scarves collection namely “Borneo Tresna”, means my love for Borneo. We had mini trunk show, showing three models playing with the scarves, mini talk-show with drg Hotlin (ASRI co-founder), plus we had booth set up to showcase these beautiful hand-stamped silk scarves and a break-fasting mini buffet at the end. It was a very nice and worthy ‘ngabuburit’ time. 😀

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Sragen Trip

I love to interact with new people; getting to know the craftsmen or craftswomen behind those amazing Kain Indonesia always gives me the chill. It is an honour to be able to make something or to add value from what they already create beautifully by hands. To know each stories behind each crafters makes you realise that you are just one tiny piece of matter in this whole big world which is dependent to one another as human beings. Wow, that’s deep! Even for me.. 😀

Late last year before I went to Borneo, I got the chance to come and see the works of one of my batik suppliers in Sragen. Her name is Mbak Endang, I have known her since 2011 when I first started the brand. Her batik brand is called Mahadewi. You might know it. They can be considered as regulars in big exhibitions held at Jakarta Convention Centre.

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My Borneo Moments

One thing that not many people have known is that I love photography since I was in highschool. I used to take pictures with my manual Nikon camera. But that is ages ago. Today, I shot with digitals. Here I captured the things I felt my heart moved. If you see, I could easily moved by people’s compassion, hardwork and smiles. Taken beautifully by my Fuji X-100T.


Borneo Trip

Early this year, I have been approached by one of my customers that apparently is a dentist. She had volunteered in a small medical clinic at a small village in one of the most remote areas in West Borneo, called Desa Sukadana (5 hours by boat from the city of Pontianak or 2 hours driving from Ketapang) that lies between the foothills of Gunung Palung and the South China Sea.

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Hello World!

Hi! I am dedicating this section for you to bring about almost anything related to the world of Larissa Duliar. Sure, you can always get connected with us thru our Facebook Page, Instagram, Pinterest account. But in here, I will tell you stories that you may not get elsewhere. Appreciate if you could give any feedback or comments!

Love, Larissa