Sragen Trip

I love to interact with new people; getting to know the craftsmen or craftswomen behind those amazing Kain Indonesia always gives me the chill. It is an honour to be able to make something or to add value from what they already create beautifully by hands. To know each stories behind each crafters makes you realise that you are just one tiny piece of matter in this whole big world which is dependent to one another as human beings. Wow, that’s deep! Even for me.. 😀

Late last year before I went to Borneo, I got the chance to come and see the works of one of my batik suppliers in Sragen. Her name is Mbak Endang, I have known her since 2011 when I first started the brand. Her batik brand is called Mahadewi. You might know it. They can be considered as regulars in big exhibitions held at Jakarta Convention Centre.

Mbak Endang is the third generation of batik-crafters. She learnt the process of making one til selling it at a traditional market since she was a girl. Now, she is married with two beautiful daughters, which she dreamed of passing the knowledge to. Her husband hold a degree in chemistry and is a brilliant colourist (mixing dose of basic colours and then turned into new beautiful colours). I learnt a lot from these two; about cotton strings, silk threads, iron-stamp-tool, canting, wax, the life of the craftsmen, how to deal with them, the unstable price of raw materials used and nitty gritty of the batik industry.

Following are the batik process captured thru my lens.