The Launch of BORNEO TRESNA Scarves

At last I have connected the dots. In May, I designed and constructed a scarf collection made from silk with the help of Mbak Endang and her amazing ‘team’ of Sragen’s batik craftsmen and women. I chose stamping patterns that illustrated the nobility, hard-working and hope I have seen in ASRI and amongst the people of Sukadana. The colors I have chosen depicted my feelings about ASRI clinic, drg. Hotlin, and my love at first sight with Borneo; they express the colors of love and care and nature.

Then a week before Ramadhan, they arrived at my door step and they were sooo beautiful I almost cried. On Wednesday, June 24th, we launched the scarves collection namely “Borneo Tresna”, means my love for Borneo. We had mini trunk show, showing three models playing with the scarves, mini talk-show with drg Hotlin (ASRI co-founder), plus we had booth set up to showcase these beautiful hand-stamped silk scarves and a break-fasting mini buffet at the end. It was a very nice and worthy ‘ngabuburit’ time. 😀



This event cannot be done without the support of BII-Maybank and the Sukma Inspirasi team, since it was being held at their charming function room in their office tower in Sentral Senayan 3. If you are a start-up entrepreneur like me, I strongly insisted you to join the Sukma Inspirasi membership, they have all sorts of programs and news that will give you enlightenment. Simply click here to find out more.

The caterer was awesome too. It was organic food catering called ORGANIK Melly Manuhutu, head by Mbak Melly Manuhutu herself, supporting local farmers they served organic Soto Ayam and organic tea and takjil. They also serve daily organic catering, check her instagram account here.

And lastly, I cannot do this thing alone without the help of my bad-ass graphic-designer friend @nisaupik, my talented shoe designer bestie @marisvidya, drg Hotlin of course and my Larissa Duliar’s team.

You could join this act too! Shop for a cause! See the complete collection in our lookbook of Selendang Borneo Tresna. If you prefer to touch, feel and see for yourselves just hop by at Shoe Etc, Kemang Raya 9E. Or you can find them online at Bobobobo or in my instagram here.

By purchasing one of these Borneo Tresna scarves, you have made a donation to Yayasan ASRI to fund their dream, building a hospital in Sukadana, and help preserve the nature surrounded the Taman Nasional Gunung Palung, the home of orang utans. For more information about ASRI, go to their official website or their affiiliated foundation here.